16 March 2018

FCA Heritage at Essen for Techno Classica 2018


The German city will be hosting the thirtieth edition of the major international classic car show from 21 to 25 March. FCA Heritage will be in attendance with a display of limited edition coupés


The 30th edition of Techno Classica is about to begin at the Essen Exhibition Centre, ready to welcome enthusiasts and exhibitors - no fewer than 1,250 from thirty different countries - in more than 20 halls across an exhibition area of 120,000 square metres. This prestigious event will again be attended by FCA Heritage collection, the department of the Group dedicated to protecting and promoting the history of the Italian FCA brands. Visitors will be able to admire historic Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth cars, all coupés built in limited editions by their respective brands. Alongside these rarities, current production models which draw their inspiration and rationale from the glorious history of their brand: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, a distillation of supreme engineering and performance, together with the car that set the lap record on the Nürburgring circuit. Stelvio Quadrifoglio won the crown of the world's fastest SUV by covering the more than 20 kilometres of the Nordschleife (north loop) in 7 minutes 51.7 seconds.


Technoclassica also marks the German debut of "Reloaded by Creators", the project that offers for sale a limited number of historic cars that have been valued and restored, and are now ready to return to the market in all their original splendour after meticulous work by the constructor itself.
Another novelty for the German market is the new Selenia Classic engine oil line: a range of lubricants which combines the use of modern technologies with a passion for vintage cars and the graphics of the historic Olio Fiat and Selenia Alfa Romeo oil cans. Produced in partnership with Petronas, the new Selenia Classic engine oils will be soon on sale at FCA Group Authorised Dealerships.


FCA Heritage

FCA Heritage is the department founded in 2015 to develop a vast range of services for collectors and lovers of the cars of the Group's Italian brands. The www.fcaheritage.com website is FCA Heritage's online showcase and a meeting point for everyone interested in the history, events and programmes relating to classic models of the FCA group's Italian brands. It also enables classic Fiat, Abarth, Lancia and Alfa Romeo owners and enthusiasts to enable all the services on offer for them, register for a specific newsletter and apply for their vehicle's certificate of origin online. Lancia and Abarth owners can also access the restoration and certificate of authenticity issuing services provided by FCA Heritage.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (1963)

The Giulia Sprint Speciale was an evolution - with 1,600 cc twin camshaft engine - of the Giulietta version of the same name, designed by Franco Scaglione for the Bertone carriage-works on the car's short-wheelbase chassis. It is one of his loveliest creations: long and wide (actually larger than the sedan), the Giulietta Sprint Speciale is an extremely low, streamlined coupé with sleek, curvy lines. The absence of bumpers and its large "shark mouth" radiator immediately gave it dream car status. But this sophisticated design was the outcome of meticulous aerodynamic research, which produced its low nose and distinctive cut-off rear. Performance was very impressive: its 1570 cc longitudinal front engine delivered 113 HP and powered the Giulia SS to a top speed of 191 km/h.


Alfa Romeo SZ (1989)

The history of Carrozzeria Zagato has been closely linked to that of Alfa Romeo ever since the 1920s. Its creations focused on optimising Alfa cars' performance: the first models built, with a rare elegance, were followed by others, with a more individual, original style. One of these was ES30 SZ (Sport Zagato) coupé, presented at Geneva in 1989; the model, designed in partnership with Alfa Romeo, combined stunningly aerodynamic (Cx of 0.3), distinctive, geometrical shapes with superlative handling. About 1000 cars of this model were built.


Fiat 8V (1954)

Following the Fiat 8V coupé limited edition, the auto maker introduced a prototype at the 1954 Turin car show, with its body built out of fibreglass (it only weighed 48.5 kg), an innovative material at the time. In a way, this marked the end of the brief career of the only sports car with eight cylinder engine ever made by Fiat. In total, 114 Fiat 8V cars were built.


Lancia Fulvia Coupé Montecarlo (1973)

With lines inspired by elegant Riva motor launches, the Fulvia Coupé set its seal on an era for Lancia, a period of daring design and countless victories. The 14 thousand units built at the Chivasso plant, which laid the foundations for Italian rallying predominance, sowed the seed for the many wins by the Stratos, the 037 and all the Delta versions in the subsequent decades. The Montecarlo version originated from the idea of creating a car to commemorate Munari and Mannucci's famous victory in the 1972 Montecarlo Rally. The car was inspired by the livery of the splendid 1.6 HF "fanalone", built on the basis of the production Fulvia Coupé series II, with 90 horsepower engine providing a top speed of 170 km/h. With no bumpers and matte black painted bonnet and boot, the Fulvia Montecarlo cars were a success within a success, to the point where production continued even after the restyling known as the "Fulvia 3". The car exhibited at Techno Classic by FCA Heritage is from the second series, in the rare blue colour.


Abarth 2400 coupé (1964)

This wonderful coupé, designed by Michelotti, was presented at Geneva in 1959. It was a modified version of the Fiat 2100, built at the Allemano plant from 1962 to 1964, known first as the 2200 coupé and, in the last year - when it was built on the Fiat 2300 base - as the 2400 coupé. The straight 6 engine of the 2400, generating 140 HP, powered the car to a top speed of 200 km/h. A point not to be missed: the model on show at the Essen Exhibition actually belonged to Carlo Abarth himself.



Turin, 16 March 2018




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